Marko Skrbic photography

Mike Halo is not your typical guitarist/songwriter from New York City, both because he's not typical and not from New York (pun intended). However, he did chose this “center of the musical universe” as a starting point for his long-awaited journey into the land of original music. Music that blends acoustic and electric, love and hate, uptempo and ballad, country and pop, blues and soul, solo acoustic and band work. 

After two decades of playing in various bands, studio session work, teaching and traveling around the world as a professional musician, the time has come for him to finally take his own advice and express himself in the deepest way possible – by sharing his own original music. A new EP (may even grow to an LP by the release date) is in the making and it will see the light of day in the coming year, so follow his journey on this page or come see him play locally in NYC clubs. To get a taste of his music, a video single “Raindrops” from his upcoming EP “Alien chapter” will debut here!